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About Waxing

I have been waxing since 1979. I have seen many products and techniques come and go. 

I use the products I do because they simply work best for me and my clients.

Years of experience and experimenting with different products have brought me

to where I am. I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding 

your service and the technique involved. Feel free to text or call.


I use only the highest grade strip wax which is a combination of bee and resin waxes and includes
the herb Azulen as well as zinc oxide for sensitive skins.

Hard wax with Azulen is used for inside the nose and ears.

All strip fabric is high quality muslin that has been bleached for strength and durability.



Please wear comfortable, breathable clothing to your appointment. Be sure to take an anti inflammatory such as 

ibuprofen approximately one hour prior to your waxing time if your skin is sensitive and tends to react.


I recommend that your skin is clean of all creams, oils or deodorants. Workouts or sweat producing activities

should be avoided prior to and just after your waxing.


When calling or texting, please state your specific waxing needs referring to the service descriptions below.


Waxing Services

Bikini wax (includes all areas around the bikini line): $35

Bikini wax (moderate - no top): $30

Brazilian wax: (full Hollywood) This includes the removal of all hair, front to back but not the full buttocks cheeks: $55

**Please note: You can request to leave a landing strip or natural triangle shape

in the front (price is same as above).**

Add full buttocks area:  $10

Full leg wax: $70

Full leg + bikini wax: $95

Full leg + Brazilian: $115

Half leg wax: $35

Half leg + bikini wax: $65

Half leg (upper or lower) + Brazilian (full or w/front strip or nat. triangle): $85

Brow wax: $20

Upper or lower lip or chin wax: $15

Underarm wax: $20

Cheek wax or side burns: $15

Inside nose: $20

Inside + outside ears: $20

Toes + feet: $15 (free w/ lower or full leg wax)

Full arms: $60

Half arms: $30

Upper Back: $50 

Back (upper w shoulders): $75

Back (lower): $35

Full Back (no shoulders): $80

Upper + lower back w shoulders: $100

Shoulders alone: $25

Chest + shoulders: $75

Chest wax: $55

Chest + stomach: $75

Stomach wax: $25



call for an appointment:  845-255-3512