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Bikini wax: $30

Brazilian wax (full Hollywood): $55

Brazilian wax (w landing strip): $50

Add buttocks area:  $10

Full leg wax: $70

Full leg + bikini wax: $90

Full leg + full brazilian: $110

Full leg + brazilian strip: $100

Half leg wax: $35

Half leg + bikini wax: $60

Half leg + full brazilian: $80

Half leg + brazilian strip: $75

Brow wax: $15

Upper or lower lip or chin wax: $10

Underarm wax: $20

Cheek wax or side burns: $15

Inside nose: $20

Inside + outside ears: $20

Toes + feet: $15 (free w any leg wax)

Full arms: $60

Half arms: $30

Back (upper w shoulders): $55

Back (lower): $40

Upper + lower back w shoulders: $90

Shoulders alone: $20

Chest + shoulders: $70

Chest wax: $55

Chest + stomach: $70

Stomach wax: $20


European Facial: $95  75 minutes.

Cleansing, steam, massage, extraction, nourishment & mask are all part of this facial.
A must for maintaining balance and tone.  This deep cleansing treatment rids the skin of surface impurities and improves circulation and the skins natural level of hydration.


Exfoliating Facial: $100  85 minutes

A cut above the cleansing facial, includes all European facial steps plus: a naturally gentle enzyme peel derived from fruit is applied to remove surface dehydrated skin, allowing deeper penetration of nourishing products.


Acne Facial: $85  60 minutes

Recommended for all ages to restore balance to an overactive skin.  Steam, deep cleansing and extraction, followed by a soothing mask to help rehydrate and calm irritated skin.


Customized masks & facial add-ons: $15-$20 each:
These treatments can be added to the basic European facial.

Collagen Treatment Masque:  $20
for cellular regeneration, deep hydration, and toning

Oxygen "C" Masque: $20
Revitalizes and restores sun-damaged skin and protects against free-radicals.  Great for dehydrated and/or mature skin.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel: $20
Microderm Abrasion Scrub: $15
The perfect remedy for sun-damaged, tired and dull skin.  It removes surface skin cells allowing the cellular renewal process to take place.

About THE BODY STUDIO'S products


I use only the highest grade strip wax which is a combination of honey and resin waxes and includes
​the herb azulen as well as zinc oxide for sensitive skins.

Hard wax with azulen is used for inside the nose and ears.

All strip fabric is high quality muslin that has been bleached for strength and durability.

The Body Studio uses products composed of the most effective and purest ingredients.  Hydrolized proteins: collagen, elastin, reticulin, royal jelly, liposomes; natural exfoliants: alpha and beta-hydroxy acids, natural enzymes; exceptional products containing Vitamin C derivatives.
The most beneficial natural oils: peach kernel oil, carrot oil, squalene, a wide variety of super-refined plant & vegetable oils along with cold pressed botanical extracts, marine extracts and highly effective vitamins (A, B5, B6, C, D3, E, F, H, K) blended in pure aloe gel.



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