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The Body Studio is Open!!!
Please review the info posted below before contacting me for an appointment.
Thank you! Stay safe everyone!
Mid Hudson Valley is in phase 4
Here are the guidelines that should be followed by anyone with
a scheduled appointment for phase 3 opening.
If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please email me at

      Any person with a scheduled appointment must not exhibit symptoms

that could potentially lead to or be a sign of having Covid-19 for
10 days prior to your scheduled appointment day.
       Immediately contact me and cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms such as:
Fever or chills
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Muscle or body aches
New loss of taste or smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting


~When you arrive, wait for your appointment time or 5 minutes prior, then text that you have

arrived and wait for further instructions.

~If you are early, please stay cool - a temperature reading over 100 degrees

will keep you from entering the building.

~I will let you know if I am able to take you in earlier than your scheduled time but 

all appointments are timed with a 15 minute cleaning time in between.


All clients must wear a mask through the duration of the appointment time.


Appointments for lip waxing will be on hold at this time.


Only one person will be allowed into the treatment room at a time. If you are with someone else who has a scheduled appointment, you must wait outside or in your car until it is your appointment time.

All clients will have their temperatures taken with a no-touch thermometer prior to entering the treatment room. Anyone with a temperature of 100F or more will be rescheduled for a future time.

It is best not to come directly after working out or exerting yourself in a way that could

lead to a higher body temperature.

It is recommended that you refrain from using the restroom unless it is absolutely necessary. I cannot guarantee that every surface you touch will be sanitized for your protection. Since this is a common area restroom, other professionals will have clients that may be using it.

If you must use the restroom - please bring it to my attention so I can give you sanitizing wipes to use. 

       There will be a 15 minute space in between each client for the room to be completely sanitized and                  prepared for the next client. This means I will be taking much fewer clients per day than usual.              Please be patient. 

All cancellations will be accepted at this time. You will not incur a cancellation fee for a last minute cancellation due to the possibility of showing symptoms the day prior or day of your scheduled appointment time - however, not showing and not calling could result in being charged and/or not being accepted for a future appointment. 

Appointments must be paid for by these accepted forms of payment: Venmo (preferred) Pay pal, or      Credit Card so as to avoid any handling of cash or checks.

     Please review waxing prices before booking your appointment so you are aware of what your                                 service will cost. Clients who have an adjusted rate can discuss these                                           prices when scheduling their appointments.


Please note - these guidelines are not a recommendation. They have been posted on the NY.GOV website and are mandatory for all professional care businesses.

I sincerely thank you for your cooperation during this time. 

Be sure to read "SERVICES AND RATES" prior to scheduling.

Call or text to schedule an appointment:





My name is Lisa Matranga and I am a New York State Licensed Esthetician based in New Paltz, NY.


My 40 years of experience working in New York, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills spas and salons has provided me with the expertise and knowledge to offer the most professional waxing services in

 the Hudson Valley.

The serene, relaxing, professional environment at The Body Studio allows you to receive expert, one-on-one treatment using waxing and after care products made from only the finest ingredients.


I will personally walk you through the waxing process, which can be a bit uncomfortable the first time around.  Just text or call with any questions you may have.